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    Amouage Perfume Creative Director Leaves

    Former Creative Director of Amouage Perfume Christopher Chong

    Christopher Chong, creative director of Amouage Perfumes for good 12 years, announced that he would be leaving the company, having resigned on May 1st, 2019. Chong’s announcement left us with a sense of awe at what those 12 years have meant to us, during this journey of success and excellence.

    Chong’s successful debut was in creating Jubilation 25 for women and Jubilation XXV for men in 2007, even though he is destitute of formal training in the luxury fragrance industry. Chong is become a highly respected industrial leader and manager in the fragrance industry. He was able to steer Amouage Perfume house on artistic path to global success, and he achieved this by playing around an astronomical managerial competency.

    Classically trained as a Lyric Baritone, Chong has often described his career as unorthodox and his role at Amouage as pre-ordained, “singing” various song cycles by bottling art and emotions. According to Chong, creating a perfume is always a process of storytelling. During his tenure at Amouage, he approached his work from a deeply personal perspective, adding layers of myriad contradictions and nuances. A multi-faceted maverick and creative risk-taker, each of his creations was a window to his mind, heart, and soul.

    This first-rate art director was issuing perfume duos for a good while, having the best noses creating under his guidance: Jubilation 25 for women and Jubilation XXV for men were soon followed by the sweeping Epic for Men and Epic for Women, the floral saturation of Lyric Woman and Lyric Man, or the tropical jungle landscapes of Bracken Man and Bracken Woman.

    Essentially masterminding rich fragrances which have really attracted people who love true luxury and superb raw materials (as can be attested especially in the gorgeous Attars of the brand, such as Amouage Homage), creating something of a cult in the process. Even when the skeleton is recognizable as belonging to a specific category met again, the fleshing out of the robust contours is impressive enough to warrant uniqueness.


    For his departing adieu, Chong says, “I would like to thank Amouage for giving me so many opportunities to develop my perfumery skills. My 12 year journey at Amouage has been nothing short of epic and it has been an honor to meet and work with so many wonderful people along the way. I leave with enormous and enduring gratitude. I am truly grateful to everyone who believed in me, even when I was being challenging at times with my creativity. Your trust gave me tremendous courage and confidence to take Amouage from a relatively unknown Omani brand to the international recognition that it has today.”

    He added, “This is not a swan song but rather a short interlude to enable me to focus on new projects and new challenges, so watch this space. This is only the end of the beginning.”



    Fragrance notes


    Fragrance aroma characteristics are referred to as fragrance notes. Notes scale in fragrances are usually blended by perfumers to produce the targeted fragrance accord. The three note scale are intentionally created to serve different purposes which will soon be discussed underneath.

    The three levels or types of fragrance notes are top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

    Top notes:

    Fragrance top notes are otherwise called opening notes or head notes, the top notes of a fragrance are generally the lightest of all the notes. Fragrance head notes are initially perceived upon application of the perfume. The top notes fade so quickly to give way to the middle notes to surface, these hierarchical features beautify fragrances.

    Fragrance top notes that are widely known are citrus (lemon, orange zest, bergamot), light fruits (grapefruit, berries) and herbs (clary sage, lavender).

    The Middle Notes

    The middle notes are otherwise called heart notes, the heart notes make an appearance once the top notes evaporate. The middle notes are considered the heart of the fragrance. They last longer than the top notes and have a strong influence on the base notes to come. A perfume’s heart is generally pleasant and well-rounded. It is ofen a smooth combination of floral or fruit tones; sometimes infused with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom.


    Common fragrance middle notes are geranium, rose, lemongrass, ylang ylang, lavender, coriander, nutmeg, neroli and jasmine.

    The Base Notes

    The base notes are the final perfume notes that surfaces following the effusion of the top notes. The base notes mingle with the heart notes to create the full body of the fragrance, but are typically associated with the dry-down period. The base notes provide the lasting impression. These often rich notes linger on the skin for hours after the top notes have dissipated.

    Fragrance base notes so common are cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and musk.

    Without the combination of the three levels of notes, a fragrance just wouldn’t be aromatically appealing. But together, they create beautiful scents.

    Tips to storing your perfumes in the best condition

    • Perfumes are usually not manufactured with expiry dates though many people know that it is usually not for a longterm use. However the shelf life of your perfume can be preserved by storing it in a proper place and condition. A space that has a direct light and a consistent temperature is not ideal for your fragrances. Ensure to keep your fragrances in the right storage containers. Ensure to prevent damage that may occur to your perfume. Storing fragile bottles on high shelves is dangerous, ensure that the cap on your perfume bottle is intact so as to prevent the perfume from becoming bad. To prevent your perfumes from going bad, there are steps that are ideal for you to take, these steps are discussed below:

    Keep your perfume away from direct light.

    Sunlight is potent enough to do damage to a perfume bottle. Fragrances last longer when stored in dark environs. Perfumes that are manufacturerd in a colorful bottle, and not a clear bottle are usually not easily damaged by light. Online perfume stores and the physical perfume shops store their perfumes in the best condition. You that buy from them should emulate them.

    An area that has a consistent temperature is ideal for storing perfumes. Perfumes easily get spoilt when stored under temperature too onesided. Some corners in the living room perfume to safely store perfumes.

    Humidity is another thing that affects fragrances if stored in a humid area, it is wrong to store fragrance in a humid area. A closet is usually an ideal place to store perfume.

    Handle with utmost care your perfumes that you bought with money, transferring perfumes from its original bottle to another bottle is not good for perfumes, keep your perfume in its original bottle. If you still have the storage container in which the perfume cam, keep the perfume in this bottle.

    Enure that the caps on all the perfume bottles are firmly sealed. Do not transfer perfume to another bottle.

    Don’t ever try shaking your perfume bottles as some do shake perfume before use. Shaking the bottle can expose the perfume to excess air, and this is dangerous and can be detrimental. You should shake it if the manufacturer instructs you to do that, but there are rare cases where perfumers will instruct so.

    Keep fragile bottles of your fragrance away from high shelves. If a box falls from a high shelf, a fragile bottle could easily get shatterd. This is capable of destroying an entire bottle of perfume. Always keep delicate bottles on the floor of a closet or on lower shelves. It is generally not a good idea to store perfume in an attic where heat is presen, basement is better. Depending on how you are able to store your perfumes well, perfumes are designed to retain its scent for many years.

    Make sure you find a place where the temperature is consistent. You don’t want to store perfume, say, near a window during the summer, as it can get quite hot. Perfume should be safe between seasons as long as it’s stored in an area where the temperature does not fluctuate.

    fragrances & perfumes history

    History of perfumes

    The first perfume was made sometimes in the 4th century BC in Egypt and was later developed by the Romans and Persians.

    Long ago herbs and spices such as almond, coriander and myrtle, conifer, resin, bergamot and flowers were as perfumes. The art of perfumery was heightened when countries like Greece, France and Italy took interest to growing aromatic plants to provide the perfume industry with raw materials. Now France and Italy are the leads of European perfume design and trade. Sometimes a Chemist from Arab did a great work discovering of methods of making perfumes. After which other scientists developed various other ways of perfumery on these methods.

    Sometimes, perfumes were more used by the rich to neutralize their body odors and from there the perfume industry developed to seeking profits and the perfume industry made a vast progress and rose high and has become one of the most profitable prestigious ventures of this time.

    Perfume types

    We now have different types of perfumes made with different levels of concentration of aromatic fragrance compounds.

    Pure perfume contains 15-40% of aromatic perfume compound. Eau de Parfum contains around 10-20% of perfume essence.

    Eau de toilette contains around 1-15% aromatic compounds

    Eau de cologne contains around 3-8% aromatic compounds.

    These concentration levels may vary from one organisation to another.

    It is pertinent to note that many of female fragrances are possessive of higher level of aromatic compounds than male fragrances.

    Perfume notes

    The head note/ Top note, is perceived as soon as the perfume is applied on the body. The perfume head note is characteristic of speedy evaporation and this is contingent upon the light molecules that is present there.

    The middle note of perfumes comes to play at the loss of the initial head note scent.

    The base note: The base note aroma surfaces close to the departure of the middle note and brings depth and solidity to a perfume. The base note may not be perceived until 30 minutes after application.

    Perfumes can be applied on various body parts and areas such as: behind ears, nape of the neck, wrist, elbow and knees.


    Sometimes, ignorantly so many people abuse wearing perfume excessively, perfume should be worn moderately- a few spray of it on your skin is enough to last for the whole da. Authentic perfumes depend on the aromatic compounds contained in it rather than quantity.

    The chief reason for wearing a perfume is to ensure bad smell possible to emanate is neutralized that is if you have one or can afford to buy one.



    Buying Perfumes Online

    Buying perfumes Online

    online transaction has gained more ground today unlike the earlier time of the advent of online transactions especially in Nigeria.The Internet has created an enormous opportunity to shop variety of goods and services from the very comfort of your home, office or anywhere you might be at any given time.

    If you are one of those that play around online shopping then we hail you but we have to let you know that some products are trickier than others to buy online and one of such is buying fragrances. The major characteristics of a perfume is its scent, way a sweet smell that fragrances discharge is what captivates and entice the buyer to buying Perfumes. This is one of the reasons why Shopping Perfumes Online is trickier than buying things like Laptops, Necklaces,mobile phones, fans, clothes, wrist watches and shoes online.

    This is the reason why we have come to give you composite tips and tricks to buying Perfumes for men and Women Fragrances online and ensuring you buy the very original of fragrances you hope to buy.

    Perfumes Online

    Shopping perfumes online is not as difficult as it may seem especially if you already know what you want. However if you don’t, there is no need to panic, with the few tips we present underneath you would be able to get through in few minutes.

    When you see a perfume’s name with such word as Oud it tells you that that is a fragrance manufacturerd using agarwood – Agarwood is a fragrance ingredient which is costly, the high price of Agarwood makes its perfumes exotic and therefore exorbitant. Intense perfumes are perfumes that possess strong fragrance potent enough to announce the wearer in the environ. Extreme perfumes are lighter and sweeter than their original version.

    Oud Perfumes have exotic Middle Eastern aroma. They are usually expensive but you would also find some less exorbitant yet very lovely and effective fragrances such as Frank Olivier Oud Touch Intense Perfumes are strong and with longevity. If you are comfortable to be so announced by the smell of your fragrance, then intense perfumes might just be right for you.

    The Notes of perfumes:

    You may wonder what is meant by a perfume note. A fragrance note is what makes the entire composition in creating a aromatically enticing perfume. Perfume notes are of three types: top note, middle note and base note.

    These three notes of perfumes make the composition of the great aroma that emanates from a perfume wearer. Common fragrance notes are as follow; lavender, jasmine, woody, musk, amber, etc.